4 Questions That Every Email Should Answer

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Backstory: I absorb a lot of thought leadership about business strategy, demand generation, marketing automation, digital marketing, campaign optimization, etc. — so our clients don’t have to. When I’m watching a webinar, I open a Stickie note (yup – Mac guy) and whenever something strikes me as pithy, useful, and deployable, I make a little note of it. So, I’ve had this Stickie note on my desktop for about 6 months. It was from a email best practices presentation, and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I honestly forgot to write down the source. It’s quick though, and I hope they’ll forgive me.

I think it’s good to remind ourselves of the fundamentals — basic blocking and tackling, to borrow a football metaphor.   Here’s a good check list.


  1. WHO is the email from?
  2. WHAT is the topic / subject of this email? What is this email really about?
  3. What ACTION do we want them to take? How should they respond?
  4. WHY should they take that action? What’s in it for them? Why should they care? Remember to lower their perceived risks of taking that action.

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