This, the third installment in our “Things We Love” series on marketing automation platforms, takes a look at Marketo.  Marketo is a leader in the MA space, offers a rich, well designed and mature software platform. Marketo also shares some of Intelligent Demand’s perspective on the anatomy of the revenue process, and how to optimize it for revenue growth. Here are the seven things we love best about the platform:

1. Ease of use

Marketo offers a refined user interface and user experience that gives you clean, well-organized insight into your marketing efforts.  Marketo allows you to organize your marketing assets into a flexible structure closely aligned with your business processes.  With everything in its right place, you can sail through reporting and analytics, clone entire campaigns (along with all related assets—think email templates, landing pages, and campaign logic) for re-use.  There are lots of at-a-glance dashboards as well as scheduled reports to keep you tuned in to exactly the level of detail you require.  Native Salesforce integration enables tight marketing and sales alignment.

2. Smart lists

Every platform offers methods of segmenting your leads.  Marketo really shines with their Smart lists, offering a drag-and-drop interface into dynamic multi-dimensional segmentation of leads in real time.  Activity triggers, in conjunction with demographic and firmographic analysis, offer methods to target messaging, assign scores to activities, and alert sales users.

3. Integrated campaign costing

As demand generation specialists and revenue improvement consultants, this is an important place where the rubber hits the road for us.  Cost-per-lead and cost-per-closed-lead are direct measures of a campaign’s revenue impact.  Easily assign development and deployment costs to specific campaigns, and at the end of the day, you’ll have clear insight into revenue performance of each channel or campaign.

4. Revenue stage tracking and funnel reporting

Marketo really gets it here.  You can easily segment & target messaging and dynamic content by narrow or broad funnel stages.  In conjunction with a smart list, you can perform analytics on your current leads, as well as test hypotheses by mining your historical data.

5. Process discipline and enforcement

In the often hectic day-to-day of a busy marketing department, it can be sometimes tempting to skip a QA step in order to meet a tight deadline. (Bad idea, by the way!)  With a thoughtfully configured Marketo instance, you can ensure that approval steps are not skipped.  Can tech workers just send that email blast out without the copyeditors taking their last look and giving their okay on the production version?  Nope.  Security roles and approval mechanisms are built in to prevent exactly this, and to support thoughtful process workflows.

6. Community and support

As a long time veteran of open source software, I view community engagement and transparency as a leading indicator of how functional a software product is, and an important bellwether of its potential longevity.  Marketo’s forums, broken out into Ideas, Discussions, and Help Articles, are highly traveled and well attended by Marketo users, partners and staff.  Built-in voting and gamification help good ideas and interesting conversations bubble to the top.  Marketo’s support reps are highly knowledgeable, and case management is built right into the community portal.

7. Industry leadership

Marketo offers a wealth of content on the myriad topics that comprise the interrelated disciplines of demand generation.  There are white papers for days, offering high level perspective all the way down to detailed how-tos on specific tactics.  As B2B marketers, we all know that content is king, and Marketo does not disappoint.

At Intelligent Demand, we use Marketo every day to improve revenue performance for our clients, and for ourselves. Contact an Intelligent Demand revenue improvement consultant today to schedule a Marketo demo and/or discuss the details of your revenue improvement project.

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