Your marketing automation platform is a key element to enabling your sales department to work more efficiently.  As a demand generation agency, Intelligent Demand has seen great results with Net-Results marketing automation. We use Net-Results for our own marketing (in parallel with other MA platforms that we work with on a regular basis such as Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua) and also implement and use it with a growing number of our clients who need a scalable, fully featured system that is significantly more affordable than some other, better-known MA solutions.

Here are 7 things we love about Net-Results that you might love too:

1. Ease of use and feature set

In terms of the tasks and tactics involved, marketing automation can seem simple enough on the surface, but once you dig a bit deeper, there are many layers.  I’m sure it’s tempting for any software vendor to implement every use case in the book, even if superficially.  Net-Results has chosen a thoughtful set of features and seen them through.  One of the things we most appreciate about Net-Results is their special emphasis on ease of use. Complex campaign logic is easily defined in their campaign editor.

2. CRM Integration

Net-Results marketing automation serves as a powerful sales enablement tool when integrated with a CRM system such as Salesforce or SugarCRM.  Don’t waste your sales team’s time on leads who are not ready to buy. Turn over leads who have proven that they are most likely to buy. Net-Results natively integrates with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage SalesLogix and Microsoft Dynamics. And they can integrate with just about any other CRM system (including in-house systems) through their API.

3. Segmentation

When you use segmentation criteria to express your business rules, you benefit from timely and relevant analytics.  You can also cut across multiple dimensions to test and prove effectiveness of of your tactics and messaging.  Wondering which of your paid ad sources are yielding the most qualified leads?  Wondering which paid sources are yielding the best qualified leads?  Net-Results segments are implemented everywhere – for triggering real-time alerts, for filtering reports, for populating email targeting lists, filtering web analytics – everywhere. Net-Results has one of the most flexible, powerful segmentation features sets that we’ve seen.

4. Sales alerts

Your response time to a sales inquiry is a critical factor in conversions — especially with email marketing and contact forms.  You can receive sales alerts directly from Net-Results or trigger alerts in your integrated CRM system. This supports more efficient work flows and faster followups to your best qualified and most interested leads. And that means more opportunities and revenue.

5. Lead Scoring

With its sophisticated lead scoring, Net-Results allows you to assign point values to desired behaviors. Bbut it doesn’t stop there. You can also review historical activity to refine your hypotheses around what behaviors indicate sales-readiness — and constantly improve your results.  At Intelligent Demand, we rely heavily on lead scoring as a key element of marketing and sales alignment.

6. Marketing Intelligence & Campaign Analytics

Between dashboards, email reports, real-time alerts, segments and CRM integration, Net-Reuslts gives clear vision into your sales funnel.  Put simply, you can learn which marketing tactics lead to conversion and revenue and which don’t and use that intelligence to invest your marketing dollars where they will have the highest positive impact on revenue.

7. Product enhancements and support

Net-Results really shines here.  Feature requests are discussed and voted upon in a community forum, and we have found the technical support to be excellent.  Tech support reps have a deep understanding of not only the product and technology, but of the business and marketing processes their clients are defining and improving.

However, what you get out of your marketing automation platform depends almost entirely on what you put into it. To borrow from Clapton, “it’s in the way that you use it.” If you are brand new to marketing automation, it definitely helps to have the help of an experienced demand generation implementation partner who can help you not only install the software, but to work through the inter-related strategy, campaign design, content/creative, business process and campaign launch tasks quickly and affordably.

As a Net-Results’ leading Certified Master Reseller, we help our customers understand, implement and accelerate the value they get from their investment in marketing automation. Whether you are new to marketing automation or ready to take your use of MA to the next level, we’re here to help you work through that process and then quickly get to executing a plan that will make a significant and positive impact on your revenue funnel.

Next Steps:

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  • Contact us to discuss the details of your use case, schedule a demo or learn more about how ID might help you and your team dramatically improve revenue at your company.

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