Eli is an old-school geek who fell in love with marketing technology. In addition to writing code and setting up advanced configurations in marketing cloud applications, Eli helps ID clients navigate the ever-shifting martech landscape. At some point, Eli will probably ask you for admin-level access to all of your systems (if he’s working on a project with you, or even if you just meet him randomly at a conference). It’s OK though, he knows better than to touch anything without permission, and with permission, he’ll make them hum like a Tesla roadster.

Eli has been building websites and practicing SEO and online marketing for over ten years, with the past several years focused primarily on marketing automation, CRM, and the integration of marketing technology systems. He was nominated for two Eloqua Markie awards and is a regular speaker at Eloqua Experience.

Eli has a BA in Physics from Reed College which, while mostly useless, does enable him to understand what “statistical significance” really means. He lives in Thornton, CO, with his wife and two awesome kids, and enjoys gardening in the tradition of Permaculture, which he regards as the natural extension of sustainable demand generation in the domain of agriculture.

His personal motto: “Don’t make humans do the work of a machine. Let the technology crunch the numbers and free humans to focus on the creation of meaning and beauty.”


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