Pardot’s webinar, Minimizing the Marketing Mayhem, touched on the concept of the “content tease” as an integral part of a successful agile marketing methodology.

While I came away inspired enough to write this blog post, let’s be clear: The content tease is not new or taboo among demand generation agencies or their clients.

In fact, designing content for specific buyer personas at particular purchase stages, and promoting it across multiple marketing channels is essential to any successful revenue engine design.

But Matthew Sweezey‘s showcasing of how an agile marketing approach can fuel efficient content ideation, production and deployment was refreshingly transparent and tactically helpful for any marketer needing an introduction—or a reminder—to the deeper intersection of efficient content creation and agile marketing.

In case you missed the scheduled webinar, here are two key points:

1. Apply an agile methodology to content creation. Specifically, create only the minimum content needed to test a new offer—but be sure to advertise it as a “preview.” Create the cover thumbnail and the first three pages of a 20-page whitepaper. Then promote in social channels and small-scale paid media to test interest level before making a decision to produce the full piece. If there’s minimal interest, simply move on to the next piece. If the preview converts, move the full content production to the top of the priority list.

2. Sketch a big vision for your content marketing. But execute toward your vision in small, incremental data-informed steps. This involves making smart, focused decisions about where to apply your limited content marketing efforts. Be selective about which social channels are likely to pay off and focus on those first. Plan your efforts around dozens of small experiments, not a single big bang (that takes dozens of weeks).

ID is an agile agency and our clients are fans. If you’re not already following these agile marketing leaders, I recommend you do. They’ve contributed to ID’s approach over the years, and offer practical guidance all things agile marketing.

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