4 Agile Marketing Leaders All Marketers Should Be Following

The discipline of agile marketing is still in its infancy, quietly building momentum and loyal practitioners focused on a common goal: Revenue results.

The agile marketing manifesto has been advanced recently, thanks to the smart folks who organized and attended the SprintZero session, hosted by MindJet in June 2012. (I’m bummed I couldn’t make it for the inauguration. It’s definitely on my must-attend list for next year.)

While no individual marketer or agency can claim victory on a “perfect” execution of agile marketing at this early stage of the discipline’s maturity, that doesn’t mean this movement is lacking thought leadership.

If you’re new to agile marketing and not yet following the good work of these four gentlemen, you’re missing out. They are bringing strategic, revenue-oriented thinking to the emerging agile marketing conversation.

Here’s a brief introduction to agile marketing pioneers and forefathers every agile marketer needs to know:

Jim Ewel (@jimewel) is an undisputed agile marketing heavyweight. In addition to running his agile marketing consulting practice, called “Peel the Layers,” he’s also the brains and voice behind agilemarketing.net. Jim was one of the co-chairs of the first ever (not to be the last) SprintZero agile marketing gathering.

Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) is the mind and pen behind ChiefMarTec.com and CTO of Ion Interactive. Scott is a techie with sales and marketing sense. He’s a rare breed who’s parlayed the technology+marketing ambidexterity into a successful career as the head technologist of a successful post-click marketing company community professor of practical agile marketing.

(Incidentally, two of the most insightful agile marketing blog posts I’ve read recently were Scott interviewing Jim … and then Jim interviewing Scott. Brilliant marketing tactic, guys!)

Troy Larson (@Troy_Larson) of MindJet is an agile marketing evangelist and social media specialist. Few in the field have blended a solid agile marketing core with effective social marketing in an irresistibly infotainment way. In fact, one of his subheads is my quote of the week for new agile marketers: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” (Well, said, Troy.)

Travis Arnold (@travis_arnold) is credited with synthesizing several years’ worth of disperate agile marketing manifestos into the current working draft. Travis is the Head of Marketing for Kapost, out of Boulder, CO.

These guys are definitely on the forefront of the agile marketing methodology groundswell, but surely there are others. Who are you following? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jim Ewel says:

    Thanks for the kind words and the link. Look forward to meeting you at Sprint 1, which we’re planning for next year. Not a big deal, but when you can, could you correct the spelling of my name (one l, not two).


  • Jim – Thanks for the response and looking forward to meeting in person next year. Apologies for the extra “l” slipping through – I’ve updated the post accordingly. Thanks for everything you’re bringing to the agile marketing discussion.

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