Continuing our series report of Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, and assuming you still haven’t had the time to read and fully absorb it yourself, I present…

A Review of Inbound Marketing – Chapter 3: 
Make your peanut butter “remarkable”

Chances are you don’t live in a one-horse town where you are the only maker of peanut butter for 45 miles. In a world where the consumer has thousands of options and the Internet has erased the concept of “geographic convenience”, it is imperative that you make yourself “remarkable,” as the authors of Inbound Marketing put it. Besides, what are you guys doing making peanut butter? Almond butter is what the kids are into now.

Being remarkable is the heart of inbound marketing. Remarkable content drives consumers to interact with you and your brand. And, amazingly, this all happens without the need to wave your message in front of their face on a big electric flag.

The Specific Store

In the distant past there was the concept of a General Store. The General Store was just that: a general store. It stocked everything that a person could possibly need in their daily life: ointments, balms, horseshoes, side tables, rat traps, potpourri, shotguns… you get the picture. The reason they were able to stock – and more importantly, sell – this vast range of wares was because they were the only store within a day’s walk.

Intelligent demand employees brainstorm Inbound Marketing ideas

Remarkable content drives consumers to interact with you and your brand.

Today nearly every store on the planet is far closer than “a day’s walk”, they are in fact only a keystroke or mouse click away. The once omnipotent General Store with its stranglehold on the local supply of “stuff” can no longer survive in this environment. The General Store, were it still around, would now be competing directly (and unsuccessfully) with specialist companies like Horseshoes ‘R’ Us in Canada or Oi! Oi! Ointment! in Australia.

Time for some strategic planning

If you want to get on any consumer radars, you must pick one thing (or one range of aligned products) and make it better than anyone else can. If you are successful at doing this and can make your products findable on the Internet, then people will find you. Today’s buyers are empowered to conduct their own research prior to purchase.

If your company’s resources are laser-focused on the production of a single thing, then simple logic determines it will be a far better product than if your resources are thinly stretched over a wide range of disparate products. Remember, you are now competing against everyone else.

Worthiness wrapped up in one line

If you build it (one awesome thing), they will come.

Get the right people in your corner

Search Engine Journal reported that “70-80% of search users prefer organically generated results to paid results.” It should come as no surprise then that 41% of marketers say inbound marketing produced measurable ROI in 2013.

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