Align Marketing & Sales

“Best-in-class companies who integrate marketing and sales technologies demonstrate: 49% increase in year-over-year annual revenue; 33% performance improvement in marketing ROI; and 21% performance increase in the year-over-year lead-to-sales conversion rate.”

– Aberdeen Group

Do your marketing and sales teams share information, agree on what a lead is, and generally get along? If you are like most organizations the answer is “Not often enough” or perhaps just “No.”

Successful marketing automation programs don’t just focus on the software component. Intelligent Demand concentrates on the people and the processes that will govern the success of your marketing and sales effort. This approach, along with a solid technical methodology, creates the necessary alignment between these two groups—and these two groups absolutely MUST work together if you hope to deliver best-in-class revenue results. With Intelligent Demand, sales and marketing are synchronized toward a common goal: growing your revenues by doing what each group does best.

We have developed a guide for you on this critical topic. Read it: Know it: Download “Marketing and Sales Alignment: 5 Essentials”

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