Better Qualified Leads

“Properly nurtured and scored leads are closed at a rate 33% higher than un-nurtured leads.”

– Sirius Decisions

The research says that less than 10% of the leads you generate are ready to close today. So what should you do with the 90% of your leads that aren’t ready or willing to talk with a salesperson? In many B2B firms, these not-quite-ready leads end up neglected, or simply fall through the cracks. And that’s a serous oversight.

With an Intelligent Demand-designed and -deployed revenue engine, these leads can be nurtured and scored for readiness, ensuring that you don’t ignore tomorrow’s opportunities just because they’re not ready to close today. In addition, our methods guarantee that every lead you pass to sales is truly qualified.

We created a guide on this important and often overlooked topic. It’s a quick read. Find out how to include the 90% of prospects you may be ignoring: Download “Improve Lead Quality: 6 Surefire Ways”.

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