Convert More Leads To Sales

“An average organization will close roughly 2.5 deals per 1,000 inquiries; those in the strong process category will close nearly 5.8 deals, and best-in-class organizations will close 13.5.”

– Sirius Decisions

Look at that statistic! Best-in-class companies close 440% more deals than their average competitors.

New clients often say “We need more leads.” While this is true in many cases, it’s rarely the whole story. Most companies with an inefficient marketing and sales pipeline need to convert their current leads to sales at a higher percentage. Pouring more leads into a broken funnel is rarely the answer. With an Intelligent Demand-designed and -deployed revenue engine, we help you focus on generating leads and on converting those leads into genuine, sales-ready opportunities. As the efficiency of your marketing and sales pipeline improves, you’ll see more leads, more opportunities, and significantly more revenue.

We have developed a guide for you with some down-to-earth recommendations for improving your conversions. Learn why more leads is only part of the solution: Download “Convert More Leads to Revenue: 4 Proven Best Practices”

You can read about other demand generation benefits here:

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