Shorter Sales Cycles and Larger Deals

Companies with a properly deployed demand gen strategy:
• Convert 44% more of their leads to sales
• Realize 25% more revenue per closed deal
• Decrease Deal Cycle Time by 30%

– Sirius Decisions

Faster, smarter revenue growth is our tagline at Intelligent Demand. In every client engagement, our goal is to provide you with an upgraded revenue engine that shortens your sales cycles and increases deal size.

We get to “faster” with on-target positioning, campaign automation, highly relevant content, near-real-time lead scoring and routing, and sales enablement tools that allow your sales team to understand the hot topics and areas of interest of their prospects. Larger deals come from truly understanding what the prospect’s pain points are, earning trust and credibility throughout the buying process, and by being responsive when she raises her hand.

An ID revenue engine = a tuned marketing and sales funnel = smarter, faster revenue growth.

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