Marketing Automation

Companies who invest in a marketing automation platform and have best-in-class processes in place generate:

• 18% higher revenue

• 16.5% higher campaign response rates and conversion rates

• 50% decrease in time to execute campaigns

• 85% decrease in cost per lead

• 9.3% higher sales quota achievement

– Forrester, Aberdeen Group, Gartner, Sirius Decisions

Web-enabled marketing automation is a relatively new methodology that allows marketers to integrate various elements of a marketing program into one synchronized, consistent automation program. A well-chosen and properly-implemented marketing automation platform will give your marketing team some game-changing capabilities:

  1. Detailed management and tracking of your various lead generation activities
  2. Ability to deliver tailored, 1:1 messages to specific customer segments at crucial points in their buying cycle
  3. Automated lead and campaign management
  4. A toolset and framework for aligning marketing and sales
  5. Vastly improved visibility and reporting to track marketing ROI

It’s easy to get lost in the many features offered by marketing automation software. Here is a guide that boils all of those features down: Marketing Automation: 4 Powerful Payoffs. Download and learn how it will make your job easier and your campaigns more successful.

Intelligent Demand can help you determine the business case for a marketing automation investment, choose the correct platform, and properly implement your marketing automation system.  Contact us if you would like to schedule a marketing automation demo.

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