Prove Marketing ROI

Forrester asked 224 marketing professionals, “What are your organization’s biggest challenges with your marketing program?”  The number one answer was, “Measuring results.”

– Forrester

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” Have you heard that one before?

Marketing return on investment is here to stay. Gone are the days when marketers could dodge the ROI accountability spotlight. Clicks, page views, and raw leads have been replaced by such metrics as stage conversion rates, marketing-influenced pipeline, cost per sales-accepted lead and forecasted revenue attainment.

At Intelligent Demand, we see this as a good thing. The ROI spotlight is your chance to shine. An ID-designed and -deployed Revenue Engine forms the foundation for marketers to produce definitive results and show their direct impact on revenue growth.  We’ve created a valuable guide that shows how best-in-class marketing organizations are  proving their value in the revenue cycle. The old metrics are fading. It’s time to upgrade and move forward: Download “Marketing Automation: 4 Powerful Payoffs”

If you would like a no obligation estimate of what kind of ROI you could expect from investing in an Intelligent Demand project, contact us.

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