Best Advice from Digital Summit 2015: Stop Thinking Like Marketers

From the moment I saw “Convince My Boss” in the drop down menu of Digital Summit Denver’s website, I knew this conference was one that I needed to attend. I remember thinking to myself that this organization gets their audience, and they get the importance of messaging.

Over the course of two days, I shuffled from session to session and typed notes furiously on my laptop—soaking in every last drop of content marketing advice I could glean.  Sure, I learned about the power of content optimization, audience segmentation, and digital storytelling, but what stuck with me the most was a simple message: Stop thinking like marketers, and start thinking more like people.

In his Key Note, Chris Brogan specifically shared why he goes out of his way to buy crappy coffee from the same Cumberland Farms gas station. The employees say “Hello” and wish their patrons “Happy Birthday”. In other words, the workers aren’t concerned about pushing the latest flavor of Doritos to hit the convenient store stands. Instead, they take the time to make small, sincere gestures and encourage genuine human connections. And as a result, their customers keep coming back—and telling others about it!

He went on to talk about the Three V’s in marketing: Value, Velocity, and Velvet Rope.

  • Value: Always look for value-add opportunities.
  • Velocity: How fast can you get information to the people who need it?
  • Velvet Rope: Make people feel like they’re on the inside.

As a Content Manager/Copywriter at ID, I oftentimes find myself walking a fine line between developing content that sells and crafting a share-worthy story. And it was refreshing to hear that I’m not the only marketer who faces that struggle. Looking forward to next year’s summit!

Were you at this year’s Digital Summit? Did you find it valuable?

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