A Review of Inbound Marketing – Chapter 5:

Assuming you still haven’t found time to read Inbound Marketing by Hubspot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, I present…

“Blogosphere”? Pfft…. What is this 1997?

Though, in my humble opinion, the word “Blogosphere” reeks of the dot.com boom and should probably go the way of the Nintendo Power Glove, the concept of the blogosphere is a cogent one. By definition the blogosphere is: the connected community of all blogs and their interconnections. Whereas in times past, word-of-mouth recommendations came from actual people with actual words coming out of their actual mouths, word-of-mouth information is now most commonly spread virtually via blog sites.

The Internet is the great equalizer. It allows people of all social classes and education levels to voice their opinions, substantiated or not, to the rest of the world. If your content is creative and considered (or the complete opposite), people will tell others about it. Now the world can finally hear your unhinged ravings about the Cleveland Browns defensive line.

For your company, including a blog in your marketing strategy is an absolute no-brainer. It is cheap (when compared outbound marketing) and can quickly extend your reach into local and international. Its effectiveness is limited only by the quality and frequency of content you post. It is one area where what you put into it undeniably determines what you get out of it. A well maintained blog changes “your website from a brochure for your company to a living, breathing hub for your marketplace.” According to a study by Social Media B2B, “…companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms.”


Disease Control has been alerted! Viral content on the loose!

Well-written, well-researched and timely blog content can position your company as a thought leader in your industry and prompt readers to share your thoughts with others through social media. A single blog post, shared through social media, extends the reach of your brand significantly. If you have multiple people sharing your content through multiple social media channels then you’d better call the Center for Disease Control, because you just may have created viral content.

“Viral content” is the gold standard for content. It is something that everyone that is serious about generating leads and revenue strives to create. Very, very few are successful. There is a lot more to be said about viral content, but that may be best served by another blog post. Just know that high-quality, regularly posted blog content is a great way to increase the visibility and legitimacy of your brand.

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