Last Thursday, IDers and clients met at our new office for some holiday decorating fun. And I wrote this little poem to share what we’d done…

‘Twas the night before Friday, and all through the house, marketers were stirring, decorating ID’s new whereabouts.

Our stockings were hung in the front with care,
in hopes that Real Revenue TransformationTM would soon be there.

Snowflakes and lights were all dangling about,
And a mini-gingerbread office on the counter stayed out.

In the kitchen, cheese and cookies sat on platters,
IDers and clients all talking of matters.

We laughed and chatted all through the night,
Until the decorations were hanging just right.

We smiled and cheered with our fav clientele
Then, we said our goodbyes and bid them farewell.

Thank you to all, and to all a good night!

Nikki Flores

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An avid learner, Nikki possesses an innate ability to transform complex concepts into easily digestible content. With more than a decade of copywriting, strategy, and digital marketing under her belt, Nikki’s developed a passion for connecting the dots between meaningful marketing messages and increased revenue.

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