Forrester’s word to describe current state of B2B Demand Generation? Disjointed.

Forrester analyst, Jeff Ernst, recently launched a report entitled “The State Of B2B Demand Generation: Disjointed.” Here’s the executive summary:

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales teams perform poorly when it comes to demand generation across the board, which results in continuous tension to support goals to create qualified leads, build pipelines, and meet sales forecasts. The factors holding them back are almost entirely internal issues under their control but difficult to fix. To knock down the barriers to demand generation success, marketing and sales leaders need to align their teams around the customer, build an integrated lead management process, demonstrate thought leadership, and make incremental improvements with automation.”

Two thoughts:
1. We couldn’t say it better ourselves!
2. Intelligent Demand is staffed and ready to help move your demand generation efforts FROM “disjointed” TO “integrated”, “aligned”, “synchronized” (with the buying process and customer lifecycle) and “effective.” Contact us to learn more about our methodology.

QUESTION: What have you observed in your own organization or other organizations regarding the state of demand generation? Any advice or lessons learned?

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