How to Lose a Lead: Four Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I recently represented Intelligent Demand at the Denver Digital Summit with ambitions of picking up some new pieces of marketing wisdom. Something that stood out to me across the variety of sessions I attended during the two-day conference were the common mistakes marketers are making.  Here are four ways to avoid common marketing mistakes that lose potential leads.

1. Focus on specific personas.

Don’t lose a lead because they can’t figure out what your product/service can do specifically for them. In order to find real success in a campaign, it needs to be speaking to real people.  These real people need to know your product can make their life better. To do this, you can’t target everyone with the same un-segmented, batch-and-blast message. Your campaigns need to speak to specific personas in order to communicate that you understand their needs and values, and to communicate that you have a solution that explicitly caters to them.

2. Get to the “age point.”

Don’t lose a lead because you didn’t think about their age. Are you targeting Millennials, Generation Xers, or Baby Boomers? While there are similarities across age groups, and differences within, in order to reach these very different audiences, you need to identify who you are targeting (within your personas), and then target them appropriately.  Millennials live and breathe technology, and don’t have the tolerance to wade through bulky information. On the other hand, Baby Boomers are still taking their time to jump on the technology bandwagon, and may need information laid out more clearly.  Before reaching out to consumers, understand who you are talking to and what their communication needs are, so you don’t accidentally scare them off before you get a chance to show them what you have to offer.

3. Accommodate the freedom of platform choice.

Don’t lose a lead because they can’t find your content. Consumers are accessing information across a wide variety of channels and platforms – whether it’s mobile, web-based, or desktop – make sure your potential customer can view your message the way it was intended. When it comes to viewing marketing content, in most cases its one strike and you’re out.  If your content fails to open or preview in the first platform a potential lead tries it in, most likely your window to engage has closed. You often only have that one chance, so create content that accounts for the consumer’s freedom of platform choice, and even more importantly, make sure that it works!

4. Give the consumer the reins.

Don’t lose a lead because you have a bad reputation.  Brands no longer own their story, their consumers do.  It’s time to start focusing on how you cater to consumers and build their loyalty and brand advocacy.  You can tell part of the story through the content you publicize, but the story that is taken into higher consideration by a potential consumer is that of the past/current consumer, so make sure you’re giving them a good yarn to spin.

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