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If your “nurturing program” is actually an automated spam-blasting brochure geyser filled with “WE’RE GREAT!!! BUY NOW !!!! messaging, you’re not nurturing.

Sorry. You’re annoyturing.

If this is happening, you might be able to deliver more ROI by simply turning that campaign OFF.

Take a deep breath. And then totally re-engineer your annoyturing campaign from every angle including strategy  (things like segmenting, target buying stage, target buyer personas, needs, interests, industry topics, value proposition, needs<>benefits mapping); content (deliver relevant, creative, timely, compelling content that your target audience segments will find useful and thank you for)technology (segmentation, campaign flow, cadence, behavioral triggers, lead scoring, sales alerts, metrics and reporting) and analytics and optimization (capturing results, analyzing those results in a deep way, and then reacting with common sense and A/B testing that improves performance over time).

Phew. That was a long sentence filled with less-than-stellar grammar. But the point remains: we hereby give you permission (we’re pleading, actually) to stop annoyturing and start truly nurturing!

Feel free to use this term in your daily life:
“Dear Acme Tent Pegs, Please remove me from all of your marketing lists. I’ve received the same message from you 17 times in a row and I HATE CAMPING. You are annoyturing me and frankly, it’s unseemly.”

“Yes sir. I know you are the CMO and I’m a lowly intern… but even I can tell we’re annoyturing people with these weekly email blasts. Also, 1987 wants that paisley tie back.”

Allegedly Pithy Wrap-up Thought:
It’s not your fault. You were just a kid. But you’re older now. And with age, comes wisdom… and poor fashion choices. Use some of that wisdom and put yourself in the shooties (“high in the vamp but with less coverage than a bootie”) of your target audience.  Give her a name. “Jessica” maybe.  (The most popular girl’s name from 1987.)

Ask yourself, “What does Jessica want? What does Jessica need? What would help Jessica do her job better, get a promotion and give a rousing presentation at the Camping Supply Industry Conference and Annual Summit Thingy 3 months from now?” And then go be the hero.

Alluring Call To Action:
No really, look it up: Most Popular Girl’s Names in 1987

Background Info:
Back in the 1980s (sigh) there was a show on HBO where comedian Rich Hall would feature a new “sniglet” — which Hall described as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”.  Without exactly meaning to, we have fallen into creating our own sniglets at Intelligent Demand because we keep finding words that need to exist. Also, we’re word nerds (werds?) and this stuff makes us laugh at key moments throughout our day.


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