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If your instruction is taking the form of asking a question, you might be asstructing. Asstruction often manifests as a passive aggressive application of the Socratic Method — i.e. when you ask an allegedly innocent question but are actually instructing the hell out of some one.

Sample uses:

“Not to slip into asstruction, Pam, but did you map out your revenue process before you implemented your marketing automation system? ‘Cause… you’re probably gonna want to do that.”

“Bartholomew, why don’t you come right out and just say what you mean. I simply can not abide your asstruction any longer.”

Allegedly Pithy Wrap-up Thought:
Advice if you are the perpetrator of asstruction:
Check your intentions. Are you in fact Socrates? Or are you Snarkrates?

Advice if you are the victim of asstruction:
Out the perpetrator by directly asking them if that’s what they’re doing. Then, thump them on the nose.

Muscular Call To Action:

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Background Info:

Back in the 1980s (sigh) there was a show on HBO where comedian Rich Hall would feature a new “sniglet” — which Hall described as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”.  Without exactly meaning to, we have fallen into creating our own sniglets at Intelligent Demand because we keep finding words that need to exist. Also, we’re word nerds (werds?) and this stuff makes us laugh at key moments throughout our day.


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