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Although not a root of this particular word, optimization was the impetus behind creating it. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in a room, pointing furiously at boxes on a whiteboard, identifying all the opt-in opportunities we’ve created in a lead generation program.
Say that three times, fast: “opt-in opportunities, opt-in copporn unity, soft-bin topperblunitees…”

See what I mean.

So we decided to not only reduce the amount of gibberish flying around our office but also save a bit of time with the handy portmanteau optintunities. And, frankly, we’d be rude not to share the life-hack with you fine folks.

Using Optintunities in a sentence

“By using our integrated, multi-channel approach, we’ll have countless optintunities for prospects to enter our campaigns. Now let’s take advantage of the milliseconds we just gained by combing a compound modifier and noun into one word and… Oh, we’re over time? Sorry, everyone.”

Typical scenarios for which Optintunities might come in handy:

Talking about lead generation. Singing about lead generation. OK. I guess this thing doesn’t have much use outside of a marketing agency or marketing department. Though, I doubt anyone reading this is here for baking tips. So I’m sure we’re just fine.

When was the last time you had a lively chat about lead generation? I’m willing to bet it was a long, boring affair. Now consider how much time ID is saving by using the word optintunities and how smart our media and channels experts are. I’m willing to guarantee that having that same lead-gen conversation at ID will be shorter (please note: I’m talking milliseconds shorter) and more fun than you can imagine. You can get that started by clicking here.

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