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When something is both tactically sound (read: rooted in best practices, within budget, on strategy, on brand) and fantastically pragmatic (read: implementable, measurable, directly related to a near-term need) it is worthy of being called pragtastic. And that, friend, is a high compliment indeed.

Possible uses abound:

“Janice, I just heard about your idea to optimize our general nurture campaign by making the CTA’s stronger, the body copy shorter and the creative more relevant to our target personas. That shit is pragtastic!”

“Joseph, that strategy seems smart, maybe even brilliant. But it just doesn’t strike me as pragtastic enough to earn my support. Back to the drawing board, brah.”

Allegedly Pithy Wrap-up Thought:
The next time you’re cooking up an idea with your crew, ask yourself “Is this pragtastic?”

Because if it isn’t, you might look back with great regret (regreat?) at all the needless suffering (nuffering?) you caused and realize that your poor decision (dumcision) has tainted your career. Ahem.

Muscular Call To Action:
Have a great day.

Background Info:
Back in the 1980s (sigh) there was a show on HBO where comedian Rich Hall would feature a new “sniglet” — which Hall described as “any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”.  Without exactly meaning to, we have fallen into creating our own sniglets at Intelligent Demand because we keep finding words that need to exist. Also, we’re word nerds (werds?) and this stuff makes us laugh at key moments throughout our day.


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