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To preiterate (prēˈitəˌrāt) like a boss, you first need to forecast your big idea—the one that requires reiteration later in the conversation.

Think of it this way: every time you reiterate a choice nugget of kick-ass information, you are only reactively emphasizing your point. Reiteration only helps you after you’ve introduced your big idea, and, frankly, that’s just not good enough.

If your point is truly revelatory, you’re going to need to start earlier.

Here’s a helpful timeline:

Preiterate big idea———-Introduce big idea———-Reiterate big idea

Using Preiterate in a sentence
“Tom, I’ll get to my plans for your old mail delivery truck in a minute, but first, I’d like to preiterate my love not only of ice cream and popsicles but also listening to the same 30 seconds of music looped repeatedly for hours.”

You may be thinking, “How is it possible to preiterate the big idea before you even introduce the thing?” Good question, doubter. Has anyone ever accused you of hating freedom?

Typical scenarios for which preiteration might come in handy:
You need to provide context for your big idea—a new marketing strategy that uses fireworks to teach children about dental hygiene. So a couple minutes into your overview of the landscape, you preiterate the fact that children with poor dental hygiene have been found to have a shockingly high instance of gun powder burns on their fingers. Are you jumping the gun? Can’t this wait until you explain how your lead researcher stumbled on this correlation.

For the next few minutes, everyone’s going to be stuck on that idea. Why fireworks? What the hell is going on? Finally, when you start explaining the genesis of this very weird correlation (fireworks and teeth), your audience will smile and nod along. Your big idea was met with acceptance almost immediately. Just think how impactful it will be when you reiterate it in five minutes.

Let me reiterate… about Preiterate
We’re all busy. So why not use everything at our disposal (within reason) to win at life. Most of life hinges on successfully persuading those around us—especially, if you’re a marketer (and/or if you’re a sociopath). Preiterating is simply another tool you can use to achieve that end, or rather, it’s the tool to deploy before you begin to attempt to achieve that end.

Non sequitur Call To Action (or is it?)
Remember the beginning of this rendition of Word of the Day? I mentioned marketing resources. Preiteration in action, baby. Click here.

Final thought
This is important work, but we’re no heroes. Ostensibly, we aren’t creating new words but creating portmanteaus, or combining two existing words to make a compound word. It’s a good first step, a merit-worthy undertaking somewhere between Tracey Morgan’s nearly onomatopoeic creation of Badonkadonk and Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language. No, we’re not heroes. Heroic? Maybe. Heroish? Definitely. I really should have preiterated that.


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