QUESTION: What does a dragon, a lumberjack and Daria have in common?

ANSWER: They’re all winners of ID’s Annual Costume Contest!

We had an eclectic group of costumes yesterday — ranging from Rosie the Riveter to a Unicorn Beanie Baby, and everything in-between.

And when the entire company voted for who had the best costume, and it just-so-happens first, second, and third place were awarded to members of the Creative Team:

  1. Creative Lead, Lucia Novara, was the dragon who took 1st place.
  2. Art Director, Lindsay McCord, was the lumberjack who won 2nd place.
  3. Designer, Julie Carter, was the Daria who reeled in 3rd place.


Here’s what the rest of the competition looked like:

PS: Rumor has it, Superwoman (aka Me, aka another Creative) was next in line to win. 😉

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