Jim Ewel puts ID’s Agile Marketing chops to the test

Fold under questioning? Never.

ID’s Melanie Darienzo explains our Agile philosophy and utilization in an interview with Jim Ewel, Agile Marketing evangelist extraordinaire (needless to say, he’s also an author, educator and marketing leader).

Watch and learn how we subscribe to Agile Marketing and what that means for both current and perspective clients of all sizes (SMB, mid-market, and enterprise-level)

Interview with Melanie Darienzo of Intelligent Demand from Jim Ewel on Vimeo.

If you have any questions about our particular brand of Agile, or you want to talk integrated-demand-generation-marketing shop, please comment below or contact us today.

Jim Ewel is an Agile Marketing leader, evangelist, educator and author of AgileMarketing.net. You can also read the transcript and discussion on his site.

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