A Review of Inbound Marketing – Chapter 6:

Keywords are key… Duh?

Your company has a retail store tucked away in a non-descript industrial park in the middle of Nowheresville, USA. Very few customers ever pass by. And of these customers, even fewer are in the market for whatever you sell. You are clearly missing out on a great deal of business and, let’s not sugarcoat it… your business will probably fail.

This story is even truer in the world of online inbound marketing. A company that doesn’t position itself well on the internet, by scattering well chosen, industry appropriate keywords throughout their content is all but invisible to the wider world (read: Google). To underline the importance of making your page “visible” online, a joint study conducted by eConsultancy and Nielsen in 2012 determined that 94% of users DO NOT click on paid ads in search results. Users clearly prefer results that come “organically” through strategic linking and the astute placement of keywords.

Google Spider

Google spiders scan web pages for content and quality.

When selecting keywords for use in your marketing strategy you should keep the following factors in mind:While the algorithms used by search engines to rank pages are deliberately hazy and in constant flux, one constant is that the right keywords will get your site noticed by the right people—your customers.

  • Relevance – Are the keywords related to your business? Are they specific to your business?
  • Estimated Search Volume – Do people actually search for these keywords?
  • Difficulty – How many other people use these same keywords?

Picking great keywords is an exercise in balancing these three factors.

It is important to note that, as of this posting, a high keyword volume or density is not something that earns you the favor of search engines. If your written content includes many nonsensical repetitions of a particular keyword, or is not written well, it will not be ranked highly. The “spiders” that scan web pages for content and quality have an affinity for grammatically correct English (well jolly good for them!)

A content marketing strategy that includes the appropriate use of keywords will make your company far more visible online and probably far more successful.

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