Level 3® Communications is a global telecommunications provider that helps companies use today’s technologies to grow their businesses more effectively.


This client needed an integrated marketing approach to support its re-launch of Level 3 Voice CompleteSM, and communicate a compelling, relevant expression of its value proposition. More specifically, Level 3 asked Intelligent Demand (ID) to provide an innovative and integrated way to reach, engage, nurture, and convert targeted companies and contacts into sales ready leads.


Time was of the essence, so Level 3 and ID assembled a Real Revenue Transformation® team to ensure that all key points of view and areas of expertise were represented throughout the project. ID’s strategists researched the marketplace as well as competitive and product category trends. Then, the team conducted stakeholder interviews with Sales, Marketing, Segment Strategy and Product Managers to fill in the gaps.

Based on the information and insights gained through discovery, ID identified three key buyer personas and charted a precise customer journey for each. This became the framework for the optimized content plan. Next, the team created an integrated demand generation plan that connected all of the dots back to revenue impact: brand, messaging, media, content, marketing automation and analytics.

The end result was an executable campaign blueprint for engaging targeted accounts and leads in their preferred channels, piquing their interest, and educating them about how easy it is to implement the Voice Complete solution for their businesses.


ID implemented a top-of-funnel lead generation campaign using both paid and earned media, online promotions, and targeted email marketing combined with a handful of unified “offline” touches, like industry trade shows and local events.

ID also expanded the mid-funnel stage by tripling the number of touch points (from 4 to 12) within the current email marketing program to nurture the newly qualified, opted-in leads. The emails served up ungated content offers that helped deepen customers’ understanding of Level 3 and the benefits of SIP in relation to business growth, operational efficiency, and advanced security.


The re-engineered demand generation strategy combined with the targeted messaging of the Voice Complete campaign achieved significantly higher recipient engagement rates than in the past. Compared to previous launch campaigns, Voice Complete attained a 178% increase in Open Rates and an impressive 307% increase in Click-Through-Rates.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the One Revenue Team® was specifically credited for routing 265 Sales Qualified Leads (surpassing the campaign goal by 72 SQLs) and reaching 15x ROMI.


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