Meet an IDer – Natalie Holtgrewe!

natalie2What’s your role at ID? Why is this your jam?

My role at ID is Demand Generation Strategist. Why is this role my jam, you ask? Well, let me first say I’ve never been the type to “color inside the lines” or fear change. So finding a role that doesn’t just allow me to occasionally try new things, but actually encourages – better yet, requires – frequent innovation…well, that’s pretty much perfect.

Tell us about yourself from a professional standpoint.

For nearly a decade now, I’ve been proudly wearing the hat of marketing geek, more specifically marketing and demand gen strategy geek. Over the years, I’ve had experience on both sides of the agency/client model, but ultimately found my groove in the agency world. I’ve built, managed, and executed strategies for clients across many industries, sizes, and verticals, though much of my recent years have been spent focused on B2B in industries like healthcare, telecomm, and professional services.


BOOM! Bonafide marketing geek!

What about modern marketing trips your trigger? What is important about it or interesting?

I remember thinking at a young age that I wanted to be the person who came up with the idea for the advertising campaigns that were a part of my childhood…”got milk,” anyone? Fast forward a few years…ok, quite a few years…and introduce that same young girl to social media, mobile technology, UI coding, marketing automation, and that crazy thing they call the interwebs, and boom! You’ve got yourself a bonafide modern marketing geek.

What’s your favorite part about your specific role at ID?

My personal motto is “efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” As a Demand Generation Strategist at ID, I get to spend most of my day in the latter half of that motto, focused on maximizing program effectiveness for our clients. One of the best things about my role is that I get to touch or influence a program from concept to optimization all the way through to success. Being able to not only see the 30,000-foot view, but also [getting] my hands dirty and deep [diving] into the weeds is extremely rewarding.

Pick a fictional universe to live in (i.e., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the Disney universe, Star Wars, etc., and explain why. 

 If I could live in a fictional universe it would be Quahog, Rhode Island, home of Peter Griffin and the rest of the Family Guy cast of awesomeness. So, I understand that Rhode Island isn’t fictional; this is, in fact, a real place. However, I want to live in Family Guy’s Rhode Island. They have a talking, drinking, fiction-writing dog. That sounds amazing.

What’s your favorite breakfast fnatalie1ood? 

Before I moved to Denver, I would probably say biscuits and sausage gravy – I am from the South, after all. However, Colorado has quickly turned me into a breakfast burrito snob.



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Lizzie is a Marketing Specialist who supports ID’s growth as a member of the MSBD team. The majority of her time is spent maintaining this very website, running ID’s social media and internal marketing, and setting up business development and sales meetings. If you fill out our contact form, she is very likely the first person you will talk to.

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