dsc_9034What’s your role at ID? Why is this your jam?

I’m a senior account manager, so I am the main touchpoint between my clients and ID as whole. I love working with clients, understanding their needs and then figuring out the best way to solve their problems in collaboration with my crazy-smart ID teammates.

Tell us about yourself from a professional standpoint.

I’ve been with ID for a year now, and previously I was with Yahoo for 4 years! I have learned amazing and very different things in both places. I wouldn’t trade the experiences in either place for anything. Many of the professional skills I’ve learned started at home. My dad is in sales and I loved watching him work and listening to him talk to clients. He started my interest in business.

What about modern marketing trips your trigger? What is important about it or interesting?

Modern marketing is funny– it’s all about people and trying to reach them at the perfect time and speak to them in a way that resonates. With so much clutter in the world, good and modern marketing makes someone pause and listen for three  seconds. It’s a challenge to make people listen and care. That’s why I love marketing – it’s a game that I get to play and get paid for!

What’s your favorite part about your specific role about ID?

I love the people I work with. I love working with clients and helping them through their problems with a rockstar team to support and help me. ID has some of the smartest and most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with and they make what I do fun.

Tell us about your journey at ID so far.

I started at ID as an account manager and was promoted within a year of being here. The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, and I’ve had some late nights, but it’s been an amazing learning experience. I’ve felt myself grow in my role and at ID as an appreciated and important part of the team. I’m excited to see how ID will grow in the next year and how I’ll get to help continue to contribute.

Pick a fictional universe to live in (i.e. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the Disney universe, Star Wars, etc. and explain why.

If I could pick a fictiodsc_9016nal universe, I would want to live in a Disney Universe, like in Once Upon a Time. It would be awesome to meet people from fairy tales and see who they are in real life. They’re always different in the show and there’s always more to who they are and why they’re a certain way then what was written in the fairy tale and it’s pretty cool!

What is a day in the life of Amanda Woomer like?

Most of my days start with coffee while I get ready and check email. From there, every day is different based on what clients require attention or what meetings I’m running that day. Weekends are typically spent with some portion of my family and friends. I love to be outside, whether that means camping, swimming, snowboarding, hunting, or just enjoying a drink on a patio, I’m in!

What is the strangest thing that you have ingested?

This is a weird question. I’m not a picky eater or drinker, so I’ll give most things a try.  I did eat a worm one time because I was curious; it tasted like dirt.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

One horse-sized duck. 100 ducks would get overwhelming. Plus a horse is a pretty big target, and I’m small, so hopefully I’d be quicker than a giant duck.

What song do you blast in your car and sing along to when you think no one is listening?

“Bad”  or “PYT” by Michael Jackson; RIP.

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Lizzie is a Marketing Specialist who supports ID’s growth as a member of the MSBD team. The majority of her time is spent maintaining this very website, running ID’s social media and internal marketing, and setting up business development and sales meetings. If you fill out our contact form, she is very likely the first person you will talk to.

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