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What’s your role at ID? Why is this your jam?DSC_8699

I am a UX, Interactive Design (IxD) , and graphic designer, so I have a lot of roles and responsibilities as a designer here at ID, which is pretty awesome! It’s my jam because solving problems through critical thinking and design strategy is my passion. I love being a
creative, visual storyteller that produces digital design solutions. 

Tell us about yourself from a professional standpoint.

I’ve had internships and jobs throughout college, at various places, doing graphic and UX design work, but I am fairly early in my career. I graduated last May from the University of North Texas with a degree in communication design. It is a nationally recognized and very intense design program. The day I graduated I moved to Denver to start my career. It didn’t take too long before ID hired me six weeks later!

I have been at ID for a DSC_8616little over a year now. I know more about modern marketing than I ever thought I would and have a lot more practical UX and IxD experience under my belt.

What about modern marketing trips your trigger? What is important about it, or interesting?

The study and analytics of human behavior is what I love about modern marketing. I always ask myself, “How can I design something, based on that information, to help someone have the most positive and seamless user experience?” That trips my trigger!

What’s your favorite part about your role at ID?

The constant learning I have to do as a designer. Things keep evolving and changing, so keeping up with it all is an exciting challenge. For example: Learning about IxD has been cool. ID and our clients are creating more and more interactive content – because it improves engagement, conversion, and analytics — although that’s just one exciting thing.

Also, the collaboration we do here is a lot of fun! The things you can design and build when you work with a team are awesome. I will say our development team, in particular, is amazing. They are really good at what they do, and collaborating with them is when I learn and am both stretched and challenged the most. Designers and developers that work together can create really amazing work!

Tell us about your journey at ID so far.

I came to ID with no background in modern marketing. I never took a college class on marketing, and I never thought I would have to learn about it…I was definitely wrong! I think it is actually really important for designers to understand how modern marketing works, and I am grateful to ID for taking me under its wing. I have been at ID for over year now, am getting trained and certified in key marketing skills, and have gotten to dive into interactive work–It’s been a great year of learning and developing new skills.

Pick a fictional universe to live in (i.e., Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the Disney universe, Star Wars, etc.), and explain why.

Narnia. Narnia6

Basically everyday when I was a child, my little brother and I watched “The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe” 1988 mini-series. Seeing clips or pictures of it now is pretty hilarious, but it has a special place in my heart because of the time I spent with my brother, Joe.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Um…I am really lame and hate breakfast. I probably shouldn’t admit that, but it is true. I don’t like eating in the morning. But if I do happen to eat breakfast, it is normally grapes, toast, or pancakes (when my husband cooks them for me on the weekends).

What is a day in the life of Celeste Angel like?

Begrudgingly, I wake up out of bed after much prodding by my husband. But once I get going, my body starts to wake up, and I feel more and more ready for the day! After we have breakfast together and listen to some music, the world is our oyster. We can go garage sale-ing, hang out with friends, or maybe even visit my family down in Castle Rock. After our social outings, we usually make dinner together and go on a walk, or to the pool. On a semi-regular basis, we are going to one of my husband’s concerts, or just attending a concert that we both want to see (usually followed up by a drive-through fast food place on the way home)!

IMG_9947Everyone here knows how much you like sweet tea–Who makes the best sweet tea you’ve ever had?

Haha, I love this question!

 1. I love my momma’s sweet tea, or my dad’s sweet peach tea.

 2. Chicken Express (Texas fast food place)

 3. Basically, anywhere in the South. Colorado’s isn’t sweet enough 🙁

 4. So far the best sweet tea I have had in Colorado was at Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ. I love their Dorothy’s Sweet Peach Tea! The peaches are cut up into little cubes, and they are delicious! But they are kind of a hit or miss on the sweetness, I guess it just depends on the day you go.

This was my favorite question so far!

What artist do you blast in your car and sing along to when you think no one is listening?

That is easy! Beyoncé.

My husband blasts Sheryl Crow and Céline Dion songs in the car when we are together and sings them at the top of his lungs. It cracks me up every time!

[Excerpted from Chuck Klosterman’s 23 Questions I Ask Everyone I Meet ] For reasons that cannot be explained, cats can suddenly read at a twelfth-grade level. They can’t talk, and they can’t write, but they can read silently and understand the text. Many cats love this new skill because they now have something to do all day while they lay around the house; however, a few cats become depressed because reading forces them to realize the limitations of their existence (not to mention, the utter frustration of being unable to express themselves).

This being the case, do you think the average cat would enjoy Garfield, or would cats find this cartoon to be an insulting caricature?

This is the weirdest question anyone has ever asked me. Thanks ID, haha!
Since cats can read, maybe they would find the Garfield strip entertaining and give them a unique perspective on life?! Those few cats that become depressed could find humor in it and realize how they can embrace the limitations of their existence. I also feel that they would be slightly insulted by the enthusiasm Garfield has for eating lasagna… How is that for an answer?

Tell a joke.

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.


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