Net-Results is one of my favorite marketing automation software platforms because of the inherent power of defining segments to drive your MA programs. Whether you are programming your own simple drip campaign or building complex nurture campaigns for a number of clients, as Michael Ward, CEO of Net-Results says, “Segments rule!”

Here are five simple tips to help you save time and get the best results in Net-Results:

  1. Net-Results makes it easy to install tracking code wherever you wish, but remember, when tracking multiple domains, you must also always set a new domain group inside your Net Results account for each domain you want to track. This is easy to forget. If you are a Net-Results consultant, you can do this via the Partner Portal. Otherwise, contact Net-Results support directly, and they will add the needed domain group to your account.
  2. When building a segment, don’t forget the “Timezone” setting in Segment Setup. Using the same timezone for all your campaigns and programs may work for you, but if you deal with diverse geographies for your contacts or your users, you might want your segments, alerts, or reports localized to particular timezones. If so, build a segment for each region and set the appropriate timezone in Segment Setup. Note that in the same way, you also can set timezones for email delivery individually inside each campaign using the “Email Delivery Windows” feature.
  3. Ever noticed how some screens in Net-Results give you a date range to select and others do not? This is because not all elements you might use in a Net-Results segment include a timestamp. If no element in a segment contains a timestamp, you will not be able to use a date range as a filter. In this case, whether you are reviewing visitors, traffic or campaign statistics, the “Date Selection” controls will not appear on the screen. When building a segment for which you need to use a date range, always include an element such as “Did Qualify (for a relevant campaign or branch).” Choose an element that does not change the logic of your segment but does incorporate a timestamp. (Thanks to Todd Newton at Net-Results for this tip.)
  4. When using Web Form Mappings, remember to include a trailing slash (“/”) at the end of the URL if needed. If you omit the trailing slash from a URL that requires one, you can map all the fields, but form completions will not be tracked.
  5. To speed up the testing process, go to the Marketing Center and select the Emails tab. In the left sidebar, you will see a link titled “Email Preferences.” That opens up a pop up window where you can enter the email addresses to which you send tests most frequently. Going forward, when you click “Send Test” in an email, it will provide you with all of the emails included in the preferences. If you do not want to send to a particular email address, you can simply uncheck its box prior to actually sending your test email.

As Net-Results marketing automation software will help you to move leads through your funnel, empower your sales force and give you a solid handle on your Marketing ROI. If you want to talk about demand generation or marketing automation, you can comment on this post below or contact us directly.

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