Technology Gender Gap — Reaction to the ex-Google software engineer’s memo

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That memo written by the now ex-Google software engineer (James Damore) hit a nerve with me. It’s the 10-page memo that covers a lot of ground, including alleged biological reasons for why there are so few women working in technology (women hold somewhere between 17%-25% of total computer jobs). 

It’s striking many nerves right now with others as well: about sexism, the ability/inability to share alternative points of view, and even freedom of speech. And (of course) this story has become a political football. If you haven’t read it for yourself, here it is.

He’s entitled to his opinion and thoughts. And so are other people. So, I’m going to skip the political stuff, and just focus on what I see every day at the technology-fueled company where I work: Intelligent Demand.

Wanna know my point of view?

Smart-sounding, well-written, caveat-wrapped sexism is still sexism.

In my company and in my industry, I don’t see alleged biological reasons for excusing the gender gap in technology. I see the opposite. I see women doing fantastic work and progressing in technology roles. I see that 74% of our employees are female. And 50% of our technology team is female.

Our company is filled with incredibly smart, talented, driven, highly effective women who are doing consequential and important things with technology (and strategy, creativity, media, analytics, and leadership too).

And to go deeper than statistics for a second, here are just five awesome examples of members of the ID team who are ROCKING TECHNOLOGY for us and for our clients (there are others). Oh, and yes, they happen to be female:
Amy, Courtney, Rachael, Caitlin, and Becky

I’m fortunate to work with so many talented people. Period.

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