Values in Action

These values define who we are as people and are the basis for the culture we co-create with each other. They guide our behaviors and decisions in every dimension: with each other, with customers, with partners, with vendors.
Our success comes from following and embodying these values every day.

We are honest and transparent. We bring our whole, best selves to our work and to each other.

 We are positive, enthusiastic and dedicated to being the best in the world at what we do. 

We speak up. We are independent thinkers. We are vulnerable. We take smart risks and learn from the outcomes.

 Holding ourselves to high standards means that some days will be difficult. But we don’t give up. We keep trying until we reach the goal.

We are responsible to ourselves, to each other and to our clients for results (not just activity). We don’t pass the buck or expect others to pick up the slack. We honor our commitments.

We continually explore and master new skills. We ask and then listen. We test and learn. We analyze results objectively. We share what we’ve learned to help the larger team.

 We work as a team, putting our diverse set of individual talents, skills, and experiences in service to the larger goal. We engage others and pull them into the process.

We are trustworthy and responsible with both company resources and client resources including reputation, brand, money, property, time and talent. 

We care about, respect and support our fellow teammates and their success. We are considerate and thoughtful in how we deal with each other.