Gavin McKelvey

Executive Consultant: Go-To-Market, Demand, Sales Enablement
Gavin McKelvey - Executive Consultant - Intelligent Demand

Gavin is an Executive Constant at Intelligent Demand focused on go-to-market strategy, demand
generation and sales enablement. Gavin leverages his deep experience in B2B revenue growth to help
ID clients get to market more quickly and increase ROI of marketing programs.

As a marketing executive for multiple Fortune 500 technology services companies, Gavin has led go-to-
market strategy development, greenfield demand generation, and sales transformation programs that
produced quick and substantial gains in pipeline and sales productivity.

In 2019, Gavin’s marketing team won the EXPY award for “Best B2B Campaign of the Year” representing
a program that produced scalable lead generation within 90 days of startup. Gavin specializes in helping
ID clients find ways to break through the typical challenges of the corporate world to get results.

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Garrett Cole

Garret Cole

Executive Consultant, Sales Acceleration & Sales Operations