Jade Mitchell

Associate Creative Director

Jade Mitchell has been the Creative Lead on B2B campaigns for tech trendsetters such as Microsoft, AWS, Xerox, Sage and Oracle. She’s been the Internal Communications Manager for an insurance conglomerate, the Head of Content for a digital agency, and has directed brand videos in executive boardrooms, breweries, daycare centers, and coal mines. Her toughest job, however, will always be trying to tempt a classroom of bored teenagers into taking an interest in Shakespeare.

She’s lived in Johannesburg, Oxford, and Seattle, and is now delighted to call the Intelligent Demand Creative Team “home” as an Associate Creative Director of Content.

When she’s not trying to infuse “a smile in the mind” into her work, she loves to swim, and—like a badly behaved golden retriever—will attempt to climb into any body of water large enough to accommodate her. She also digs painting, drawing, playing Xbox, and hiking (a legal requirement in the PNW).

Favorite quote: "And now, please excuse me while I interrupt myself."

- Murray Walker