Matthew Wucher

Demand Generation Technologist

Matt is part of the technology team here at Intelligent Demand. A Marketing & Entrepreneurship major from Oklahoma State University, Matt has an intrinsic drive for strategy. Tempering this with a baptism of Marketo, Salesforce, & Tableau, he quickly established a conviction for ROI based Marketing spend. This led him to his current landing spot here at Intelligent Demand, where our mission is to grow revenue in a modern, integrated, measurable way.

A ski junkie at heart, Matt recently moved from Dallas, TX to pursue his lifelong dream of living in the mountains. In addition to shredding the weekends away, Matt also enjoys meditation, philosophy, everything Oklahoma State related, and continued self growth.

Personal Motto: “‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.’ ― Seneca”

The ID Team

John_Arnold_Intelligent Demand

John Arnold

Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Garret Cole

Garret Cole

Executive Consultant, Sales Acceleration & Sales Operations

Carlos Hildago

Carlos Hidalgo

Executive Consultant, Integrated Strategy, Demand Generation, Customer Experience