Rachel Lamie

Vice President, Integrated Growth Strategy

Rachel Lamie

Fueled by curiosity and a drive to truly understand, Rachel is skilled in the art of breaking down and re-framing challenges – while never losing sight of the bigger picture. In that same vein, she is not one to shy away from, or give up on, a challenge, and is always looking for new ways to translate insights learned into actionable strategies and tactics that will directly impact and increase direct revenue and returns.

Rachel has been recognized for her strategic contributions through various BMA, Webby, W3, and AdAge awards on both the consumer and B2B side. She has spent time on both the account and tech side of the agency model as well, and as such, brings a unique ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ perspective to all she engages with. Operating with a true partner mentality, Rachel strives to propel clients in the direction they need to go to meet business objectives – starting by understanding the unique challenges and opportunities faced due to cumbersome legacy technologies, regulation and requirement changes, emerging competitors, and more.

A die hard New England Patriots and Red Sox fan, Rachel’s love for her teams comes secondary only to her dog, Remy, who is the tot to her tater.

Personal motto: "No risk it, no biscuit."