Liz Wood

Liz is a seasoned marketer with a decade of experience in the agency world. She has had the privilege and advantage of working with large agencies, small business owners, and also building companies from scratch. Regardless of company size, she successfully grows brands by developing organizational and leadership best practices, turning strategic branding visions into real-world executions, guiding smart and tactical media approaches, and evaluating holistic as well as channel specific performance to always drive business forward.

Saying Goodbye to Cookies and How To Do It Properly Preparing for a cookieless world

Saying Goodbye to Cookies and How To Do It Properly

Update: Google has recently proposed a new timeline to withdraw support for third party cookies. The Google Chrome browser will now implement the process in 2023, instead of next year. Let’s level set on cookies. No, not the kind you eat (although who wouldn’t want to talk about that… hello Martha). We’re talking about the […]