Nicci Frick

Nicci oversees ID’s Account Operations department and ensures quality, on time, on budget delivery. She obsesses over reducing operational inefficiencies, improving communication, and enabling her team with tools to deliver the best possible solutions.

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How to Become Agile: The criteria you need to meet

Are you really Agile? More and more agencies and marketing teams are saying they are “Agile” these days, so I recently started questioning: What is the actual criteria for being “Agile”? Research and conversations with several Agile consultants has lead me to the following two baseline criteria: You need to adopt an Agile framework (i.e. […]

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Our Employees are Why ID is one the Top 50 Small Companies to Work For in Colorado

Built in Colorado recently named Intelligent Demand one of the top 50 small companies to work for in Colorado (and we’re pretty sure this picture says it all). As far as I can gather, the qualifying criteria was mostly about perks and benefits, such as our profit sharing plan for all employees, our remote work […]

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What Does an Agile Agency-Client Partnership Look Like? This.

The Agile Agency When I first started learning about Agile methodologies years ago, the idea of a marketing agency having truly Agile partnerships with its clients seemed nearly impossible to me. How can Agile ever be implemented fully when clients often want fixed price, fixed timelines, and fixed scope? How can the concept of a […]

Major Themes from Digital Summit 2016 – and the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Summit  is a marketing conference that takes place every year across the country, at several different locales. Here at Intelligent Demand, several of us were lucky enough to attend the Denver session – two days full of interesting, thoughtful presentations on  digital marketing trends in 2016, as well as how digital marketing will look […]