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ABM Rapid Fire: John Arnold

Intelligent Demand is asking industry experts ABM’s most-asked questions.

Creating an ‘Unexpected’ B2B Telecom Campaign

The Telecom Industry Landscape At some point in the last five years, telecom companies all started to sound the same. And eventually, that morphed into telecom speaking a language that no one else spoke, a style of jargon-packed marketing fluff that annoyed and confused business leaders and completely frustrated engineers trying to source and operate […]

B2B Marketing & Sales Trends: What Revenue Leaders are Doing in 2019 (Part 2)

B2B Marketing & Sales in 2019 2019 is officially here! This means that you (hopefully) have moved well beyond planning for 2019 success into full-blown execution. But the learning never stops. There is a virtual sea of blog posts, articles, eBooks, lists, and guides to the hottest B2B marketing trends of the year – and […]

Proving ABM ROI in 2019: Intelligent Demand Joins Demandbase and TOPO for North American Workshop Tour

The ABM Breakfast You Can’t Miss. When it comes to Account Based Marketing, there is an endless pool of resources, thought leadership, guides, checklists, frameworks, interviews, workshops, summits, masterclasses, blogs, (you get the picture). To quote our own CEO: “By now, we all know the payback of a successful account based program is huge. And we want […]

CONEX: The Content Experience Tour 2019

The Premier Content Experience Event in North America – Join us! Conex: The Content Experience Tour is coming to cities across North America — and Intelligent Demand will be joining the lineup in Atlanta and Toronto, talking Content Experience alongside some the most influential people in the world of B2B marketing. Why attend CONEX: The Content Experience? Just about every single […]

B2B Marketing & Sales Trends: What Revenue Leaders are Doing in 2019 (Part 1)

B2B Marketing & Sales in 2019 – The Landscape With the New Year right around the corner, we asked members of the ID team what they see on the horizon in 2019. What will the leading marketing and sales teams be doing to stay ahead over the next 12-months and which strategies and tech will […]

Webinar: Sigstr Pulse, LeanData, and ID can help you achieve revenue growth in 2019

WEBINAR   If you are personally responsible for revenue at your company, developing your organization’s tech stack should be sitting at the top of your priorities list for 2019 planning – especially if you are implementing or evolving an account based strategy.   There are many technology solutions available to marketing and sales professionals who […]

Data Vendor Evaluation: 4 Things to Consider when Picking the Right Vendor for Your ABM Program

Picture this… You’re about to launch your first ABM program. You have your target account list (TAL) defined and ready to go. You know the buying committee roles you want to target within your TAL. Everything is set and ready to go – but now you need to add contacts to your TAL. What do […]

Meet an IDer – Lucia Novara

How old were you when you realized you had been sentenced to an entire life of people mispronouncing your name? Three years old. I realized that my parents had not saved me by making it “Lucia” (Loo-sha). They thought it was going to be easier for Americans to pronounce than “Lucia” (Loo-chia). They were horribly […]