How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI: Huge Win #4

Marketing and Sales often operate with very different expectations regarding what the other is doing. And certainly, software alone won’t solve these issues! However, a properly-implemented marketing automation platform will give marketing and sales the toolset to create and maintain that alignment

How Marketing Automation Delivers ROI

Choose and properly implement a leading marketing automation platform and your marketing team will access some amazing capabilities:

• Data capture of both demographic and behavioral information for leads and customers
• Accurate and dynamic segmentation of your lead and customer database
• Personalized, targeted messaging delivery for leads and customers
• Automated campaign delivery and management
• Automated and near real-time lead scoring
• Automated lead management and routing
• Cost effective and faster campaign creation and launch
• Reports and analytics that measure marketing effectiveness

Okay. That is a list of some very valuable things that marketing automation does. But to what end? What difference will all of these impressive features make in your marketing? What benefits can these features actually deliver?
Here is the fourth of four huge wins (that will deliver ROI for your company) made possible with marketing automation.

Huge Win #4: Marketing and Sales Alignment

Once marketing’s activities and data are being managed, tracked and reported with software, you can better synchronize them with your sales and customer support teams.  By integrating your marketing automation software with your CRM system, you lay the data foundation to begin acting like one integrated team.  But that’s just the first step toward real alignment.

In so many companies, marketing and sales are on very different pages about what constitutes a lead. And how that is different from a raw inquiry, or from a sales-ready lead.  This sounds like semantics but it’s not.  Confusion about how a prospect moves through the stages of the marketing and sales process often causes a tremendous amount of confusion, mistrust and waste. Marketing automation allows you to define and track leads at every stage of their buying process.

Here’s another typical trouble area: how and when are leads handed off from marketing to sales?  The handing-off (marketing to sales) and handing-back (sales to marketing) of leads is a classic area where funnels leak (read: lost revenue and ROI potential.)  Marketing automation helps ensure that no lead gets left behind or lost.

And another one: what is sales supposed to do with those leads when they are received — and is that consistently happening?  Once marketing begins providing truly qualified leads (per a definition that sales helped create), it’s sales’ responsibility to follow up on those leads in a timely, appropriate manner.  Marketing automation supports marketing and sales accountability.

In most companies, marketing and sales have a lot of work to do to become an integrated team.  And let me be clear, software alone won’t solve these issues! However, a properly-implemented marketing automation platform will give marketing and sales the toolset to create and maintain that alignment. And any marketing automation / demand generation agency worth their salt will make sure that process, roles and shared definitions are defined and addressed prior to implementing technology and developing content.

Synchronizing your marketing and selling efforts yield can significant improvements in revenue performance. That’s huge win #4!

John Common

John is Intelligent Demand’s founder, chief strategist and CEO. His energy and enthusiasm for transforming companies with modern approaches to marketing, sales, and customer success is palpable. He’ll happily geek out with you during a 2-hour conversation about your customer journey. He’ll cover any whiteboard or tablecloth in sight with revenue growth strategies, messaging concepts, and program designs. But his primary passion is connecting those ideas to highly executable programs that deliver measurable results.