Drive Revenue with ABM

You need real world knowledge to lead your team to revenue growth.

Developed by ID CEO John Common in partnership with Intelligent Demand’s Certified Account Based Consultants, this content series provides real world knowledge to help marketers lead an account based strategy and succeed at every stage of the journey, whether you are preparingpilotingscaling, or innovating.

Whichever you pick, over the next several weeks you will receive weekly emails containing pragmatic tips and tools that will help you use an account based approach to improve revenue performance at your company. At the end of this content series, you will:

  • Get access to a set of tools, templates, and frameworks that will help you lead your team and drive revenue with an account based approach
  • Be prepared for the challenges that revenue teams and companies face at each stage of the ABM journey and have knowledge to overcome those challenges
  • Get the expert advice you need to drive measurable ROI with ABM

The Real World Account Based Journey


Where you learn about account based, start to build your core account based team, and commit to getting started, typically, with a pilot.


Where you start small, execute a simple account based campaign, and prove initial success with your core account based team.


Where you operationalize your lessons learned, technology, process changes and new practices to expand the impact and efficiency of your account based program.


Where you experiment and build on the base of success you’ve created with the goal of extending your account based program into new territory.

Are you ready to become an Account Based Leader?