Marie Mason

Marie Mason Intelligent Demand

Marie Mason, also known as ID’s resident “Water Fairy”, due to her generosity when it comes to replenishing others’ water bottles, spends her days at Intelligent Demand diving into PPC campaigns, paid social, and scheduling media with various industry direct publications as a Media Strategy Supervisor.

When not running media and channels campaigns like a boss, she is skiing in Utah, skiing in Colorado, and in the summer, she is wishing it was winter, so she could be… you guessed it, skiing. Although she says she also likes to hike, travel, and laugh with friends, with how much she likes skiing, we all kind of doubt that.

Marie recently graduated from the University of Denver with her MS in Marketing. Prior to venturing to Denver for graduate school, she worked within the sales and marketing team of a regional outdoor retailer in Memphis, TN. She has also worked at different B2C agencies within Denver. As a Taurus, her favorite color is blue.

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