Inbound Marketing

Meet Your Prospects Where They Are

Many marketers are so focused on outbound or “push” marketing activities that they often lose sight of strategies that capture buyers who are engaged and surfing the Web today.

Capturing active seekers (or buyers) is called inbound marketing, which many marketers know delivers the most immediate revenue impact, and in some cases, can become the secret sauce to Revenue Transformation. This is about being where your customers are buying.

Research shows that 6% of your buyers are surfing the Web at this very moment, searching for a way to solve their business problems. However, those buyers aren’t going to just land on your website. Research shows that prospects are reading case studies, analyst research, business trends, and talking with others in their industry or in similar businesses who have solved the issue already. This is where inbound marketing comes into play – using content as a magnet that pulls prospects in to learn more about your solution as it relates to them. The customer prospect is driving the buying decision – but are you in any of those conversations?

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles as compared to an ad.

– Content Marketing Institute


Intelligent Demand will work with your team to understand what you’ve done to date and where you have gained ground that we can leverage. Most often, we find search parameters haven’t been optimized, websites haven’t been updated for the new Google search algorithm, and social networks that are ripe for harvesting across channels. We’ll evaluate competitor positioning, plus we’ll evaluate the strength of your content as a magnet. Are you syndicating your content strategically across known prospective search and social water holes, is your forms strategy sound and is your content relaying a customer-centric messag or bragging about your latest technology or product upgrade? From there, we will create the right inbound strategy to match your Revenue Transformation goals, and integrate this strategy in with a plan that addresses your specific needs.

A cohesive, comprehensive inbound marketing plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying your buyer personas;
  • Creating relevant content that educates your potential customer.
  • Sharing that content, and making sure that it reaches as many potential customers as possible through a variety of methods
  • Making that content personal – targeting and tailoring it to  your customers so that it reaches them when they need it, where they want it.

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