Lucia Novara

A Plea for Value in B2B Content


Let’s start this off with a movie trailer voiceover: “In a world drowning in data, one millennial is taking a stand against meaningless content. No capabilities slides in webinar’s clothing. No infographics without info. No mercy!” I’d watch it. B2B marketing is facing both a…

Theo Romeo

The ROI of Interactive Content: A conversation with Ion co-founder Anna Talerico


I had a reunion of sorts a couple weeks ago with some old friends. And while we were all asking one another how we’d been for the last 10 years and what we did for a living, I started to notice a trending follow-up question….

What Is Predictive Marketing? Tell me in plain language!


You’ve probably been hearing the phrases “predictive marketing” and “predictive analytics” being used more and more. What the heck is predictive marketing, really? We’re going to break predictive marketing down in plain language, right now! What is predictive marketing? Predictive marketing simply means using data science…

What Makes A Truly Great Agency-Client Partnership? Q&A with Taylor Roddy


ID Interview Series: Q&A with Taylor Roddy   These days, Taylor Roddy is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s state-run health insurance exchange. I met her about 3 years ago when she was working for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. She…

Jim Ruberto

Dreamforce Keynotes Dominated by Product Announcements and Launches


Dreamforce is a big conference. San Francisco’s Moscone Center was the hub, but this event sprawled into many surrounding hotels and event centers, and transformed a block of Howard St into an artificial turf-covered outdoor conference arena for four days, complete with fine dining, live music, ping…

Intelligent Demand

How Does Integrated Demand Generation Work?


Forrester, Gartner, Aberdeen Group and Sirius Decisions all report that best-in-class companies who invest in Integrated Demand Generation (IDG) achieve truly impressive results: 16% higher campaign response and conversion rates 33% increase in close rate 33% increase in marketing ROI 49% increase in year-over-year revenue…

Intelligent Demand

Is Integrated Demand Generation a Good Fit for Your Business?


In the first installment of our Essential Guide to Understanding Demand Generation, we explained how we define Integrated Demand Generation (IDG) here at Intelligent Demand. So, now that you know it’s an integrated, holistic, measurable approach to growing revenue, how do you know if it’s…