Go-to-Market Alignment.

Intelligent Demand’s Go-To-Market Alignment services put your marketing, sales and customer success teams in the best position to achieve their growth goals by ensuring they have 1) clear, shared, strategic guidance about company growth goals and priorities, audience targeting, messaging and positioning, and the correct integrated approaches to create and win the right opportunities; and 2) authentic, cross-functional alignment and orchestration to ensure marketing, sales, customer success, product and leadership operate as a world class, One Revenue Team™.

Give your integrated growth program the insights, strategic direction and stakeholder alignment it needs to be truly successful with these ID services:

Growth Program Road Map

We’ll provide an integrated strategy and road map that connects your corporate growth goals and priorities to the right integrated growth strategy. We’ll design an overarching program architecture and execution road map for how your One Revenue Team™ will drive brand awareness, acquisition, retention, expansion, and end-to-end CX with integrated campaigns, plays and enablement.

Research and Insights

We’ll produce the data-driven, actionable insights about your prospects, customers, competitors, market, offerings, and revenue program that are essential for effective strategy and execution.

Audience Definition and Targeting

We’ll guide and facilitate your One Revenue Team™ to analyze, and validate the audience segments, accounts, buying teams, personas, and key traits that define your ideal customer profiles. We’ll map their specific customer journeys and map that to their needs, wants and expectations at each step.

Value Proposition, Positioning, and Messaging

We’ll leverage audience, market, competitive, and product offering insights to create the unique story of what you do, and how it is uniquely different, and better than your competitors.

Brand and Creative Strategy

We’ll bring your unique story, value proposition, and brand to life in creative, strategic ways that cut through the noise in your market, engage your target audience emotionally and rationally, and bring your best prospects and customers closer to you.

Cross-functional Alignment Consulting

We’ll help you establish and sustain alignment with a cross-functional collaboration model that helps you operate as One Revenue Team™. We’ll help you set cross-functional growth goals and strategies; define and activate cross-functional growth priorities, roles, resource allocation; and hold effective revenue program performance reviews and optimizations that leverage analytics from a single source of truth.

Executive Consulting, Advisory and Training

We match you with executive growth consultants who will help you develop, validate, or optimize your growth goals; go-to-market strategy, integrated growth program design; audience segmentation and targeting; brand strategy, competitive positioning, and messaging; and how you operationalize cross-functional stakeholder alignment.

Interested in ID’s go-to-market services for your company?

Reach out and discuss your use case, needs and goals with an ID growth consultant. We’ll share what the right engagement might look like in terms of deliverables, timelines, costs, and return on investment.