Meet Intelligent Demand.

The role of marketing has exploded. ID was built to help.

Integrated growth is our calling. We’ve spent the past decade building the capabilities, real-world experience, and proven approach that ensures our clients drive measurable growth—not activity.

We do this by translating go-to-market strategy into integrated growth programs that acquire, retain, and expand relationships with our clients’ best customers. These programs literally change their company’s growth trajectory. CEOs love it. And our clients get the kudos. That’s why our clients hire us, stay with us, and grow with us.

Meet the team
  • Nina Hambleton Growth Marketing Manager
  • John Common CEO and Founder of Intelligent Demand
  • Joel Mischke
  • Becky Granger, Vice President, Revenue Operations
  • James Pintsak
  • Adrian Tumiati
  • Megan Gooding

Our values

We are passionate.

We geek out about being the best at what we do and have fun while doing it.

We are authentic.

We are honest and transparent. We communicate candidly – even when it’s hard or uncomfortable.

We are kind.

We care for, listen to, respect, and support the success of every unique person with whom we work.

We are tenacious.

We commit to achieving the goals we set. When the going gets tough, we keep going. 

We need the real,
unique you

We know that it takes much more than good intentions and words to transform ourselves as individuals and our organization to become truly diverse, fair, inclusive and unbiased. It takes smart, honest and sustained efforts over time. We are firmly committed to that journey of improvement and transformation.

Our commitment