Our Methodology

You probably already know that it takes an integrated, comprehensive approach to grow revenue in today’s buying environment. But translating strategy to execution, and execution into measurable results—on time and on budget—takes a proven process.

Intelligent Demand has refined our proven methodology through scores of successful client engagements in the real world, which along with being deeply rooted in pragmatic best practices, is why it delivers results. You get access to proven strategies, conversion-focused creative, best-in-class technology, and transparent analytics in the right amounts, at the right time and in the right order.

A Proven Process for Revenue Impact

At its core, our methodology is a very human process; it’s our team working with your team to deeply understand your needs and then provide targeted solutions that dramatically improve your revenue performance. It is a fundamentally collaborative and agile approach that gets tailored to your specific goals, needs, and budget.

  • Program Strategy – Before we create an offer or launch a campaign, we make sure that you are primed for success with a clear, actionable demand generation plan that guides your prospects through each step of their buying journey.
  • Messaging and Content – We think creative and content should be more than just attractive. It should be purposeful. It should convert. We ensure that you are delivering the right message to the right buyer role at each stage of their customer journey. Every piece of content we create is designed to propel leads deeper into your value proposition and closer to a sale.
  • Media and Channels – Today’s buyer expects a cohesive, engaging experience across the shifting landscape of media channels, devices, and locations. We understand that, and ensure your program engages target personas where they truly are – in measurably cost effective ways.
  • Technology and Data – ID has the technical expertise and experience not only to implement and integrate your technology platforms, but to work through the interrelated strategy, campaign design, content/creative, and business processes that will ensure your software investment yields real ROI. Because we provide a single-source, integrated solution, you get results quickly and more affordably than a silo’ed, fragmented approach
  • Reporting and Analytics – Growth comes when you pay attention to results and use them
    to drive continual improvement. Data doesn’t lie, and when it tells us something about your campaign, we listen. We build tracking and measurement into your revenue success plan, answering to data because we know that the data we collect paints the ever-evolving picture of your revenue ecosystem.
  • Program Management and Optimization – Launch isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning.  We immediately begin capturing and analyzing your campaign data with a ruthless eye toward improving conversion performance. This is where huge ROI gains are made. A successful demand generation program doesn’t have an expiration date. It constantly evolves to be ready for the next market shift, the next opportunity. We replace “Set it and Forget it” with “Launch-Measure-Improve.”

To The Power of the Real Revenue Transformation™

Our methodology is made even more effective because it is fueled by the collaboration, creativity, and agility of ID’s Real Revenue Transformation™ approach.

Our agile, phased approach quickly gets the fundamentals in place and then scales based on real-world data and results. This not only better aligns your budget with your ROI, it also saves wasted resources caused by a failed “Go Big” approach, and leverages our experience and knowledge to accelerate time-to-value while lowering project risk. And cross-functional collaboration helps to ensure alignment while tapping the diverse skills, experiences and points of view of all key stakeholders.

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