Adrian Tumiati

Senior Director, Integrated Growth Strategy

Adrian Tumiati

There are a few guiding principles that have been something of a “North Star” throughout Adrian’s career:

Be Transparent – Honestly is the only policy. Transparency is absolutely crucial for building trust — and ultimately successful programs. This also applies to quantifiable transparency; Data and insights should be front and center and drive every decision whenever possible.

Be Meaningful – Our actions/tactics should have purpose, they should latter back to the overarching goals we’ve established and ultimately how they can impact revenue.

Be Involved – Relationships that are only professional or transactional don’t last… and they aren’t rewarding. We’re in it together. We approach our clients business environment, challenges, goals and success as absolutely critical to our own success, because it is! Adrian brings these tenants into every interaction, meeting or program. He also thinks it’s extremely important to enjoy your agency experience — that working with an agency should be a rewarding and FUN experience… both internally and externally!

When he’s not carving out growth strategies or making conversational funnel analogies, Adrian enjoys running, triathlons, hiking, motorcycle riding and just about any outdoor activity.

Personal motto: "Data, insights and optimization should be part of every plan."