Alana Birky

Senior Project Manager

Alana Birky, Senior Project Manager

Alana Birky is a seasoned marketer and project manager who has a deep love of Gantt charts and well-organized meeting agendas.

She brings 10+ years of experience working in all areas of marketing—from creating content, to building websites, to orchestrating product launches, to overhauling customer experience. Alana found her true calling as a project manager, where she can pull a team together and keep them on track and on budget through proactive planning, a spirit of collaboration, and the belief that she can make anything work if she tinkers with it long enough.

In her free time, Alana enjoys hanging out by any body of water, hosting football watch parties, and seeking out the best gluten-free pancakes in town.

Favorite quote: "Integrity means choosing courage over comfort."

- Dr. Brene Brown